Art Vidéo / 6'40 min / Dakar / 2019 


PROTESTE ! is an art video about the daily struggle of street workers in Senegal. The endless gestures of these everyday warriors are sublimated by the Krump dance, whose tension is expressed in the "battle". Dakar, moving and singular, devours the bodies of those who exhaust themselves to get out of it.

Cinematographer : Jean-Baptiste Joire

Danse : Binta Sylla, as Thiate

Danse : Amary Tacko Ndiaye, as Papyno

Éditing : Zoé Sassier

Color Grading : Bouba Konate

With the support of Fortlee,

Medialab Technology, Ar Men Du

Workers (linen maids) : Marem Gueye, Coumba Dione Worker (coconut vendor) : Ibrahima Diallo